Canon 200D

Brand: Canon

Kit 18-55

  • 24.2 megapixel
  • Continuous shooting
  • Max ISO 25,600
  • Full HD at 60p
  • Optical viewfinder
  • With Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Bluetooth®, NFC and Wi-Fi



Combining the creative power of a DSLR, an ultra-compact body, and the shooting versatility offered by a vari-angle touch screen, Canon’s 200D is the perfect camera for adventurous photography on the go. It makes it easy to take more advanced compositions with fantastic quality, whether you’re travelling the world or exploring your own neighbourhood. Record movie footage in Full HD, capture that perfect moment with 5 frames-per-second burst shooting and super-sharp autofocus, then share your masterpiece online in an instant. The guided interface even increases your photography know-how as you shoot. All told, the 200D is a powerful, intuitive, feature-packed and fully connected photo companion.

Super Sensor
A large 24.2 MP sensor packs the image with super-fine detail. It’s capable of a depth of field that’s great for professional-style portraits with sharp subjects and elegantly defocussed backgrounds. Canon’s super-fast Digic 7 processor, together with a max ISO of 25,600, takes equally fine pictures in low light. Rapid-fire 5 frames-per-second continuous shooting allows you to select just the right split-second composition.

Fast Focussing, Full HD Movies
Dual Pixel CMOS AF achieves stunning speed of Live View autofocus, so the camera is ready to react as fast as you, and you don’t miss that golden shot. It also drives the stable, continuous focussing on movies, so brilliantly detailed 1080p Full HD resolution footage is smooth and professionally rendered.

Completely Connected
With built-in Wi-Fi, using the Canon Camera Connect app (iOS and Android) an ‘always-on’ low energy Bluetooth connection with your smart device means you can send your work to your phone or tablet instantly and share your latest pictures and movies with your friends straight away. Or even use your mobile device as a control to operate the camera remotely.

Guided Interface
It’s a perfect camera for photographers wanting to begin exploring the rich rewards of DSLR shooting. Its guided interface teaches the user how camera settings work as you shoot, so, not only does your creative photography increase, but your skills and knowledge do too.

Compact Body, Intuitive Control
The 200D is designed to offer the creativity afforded by DSLR photography in a light, ultra-compact and easy-to-use package. So it’s great for travelling with, taking to events or just keeping with you when you’re out and about. A vari-angle screen allows you to shoot from more unorthodox angles to add more dynamic perspectives to your work. And with touch functionality, it feels and responds just like your smart phone screen. Alternatively, line up the shot by eye with its bright, lag-free optical viewfinder.

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