Brand: Boya
  • UHF Frequency Range: 584 MHz-608 MHz; 48 Selectable Channels
  • Wireless Range: 100m (328-feet)
  • 3.5mm Mic and Line Inputs; XLR and 3.5mm Outputs
  • Ideal for ENG/EFP & DSLR/Camera Audio
  • Transmitter and Receiver are powered by 2 “AA” batteries for up to 8-hours of operation



The BOYA BY-WM6 is an UHF wireless microphone system, designed for ENG, EFP, DSLR video, and other professional applications. The receiver and the transmitter are lightweight and simple menu for easy operation. This system operates in the UHF 500 MHz bandwidth.

The clear, easy-to-read display allows for easy operation whilst providing essential information such as the current UFH channel, volume level and battery life.

With over 48 UFH channels, you can be sure of uninterrupted, crystal clear audio that will reach a range of up to 100m (without obstacles). You can monitor the audio continuously using the headphone monitoring functionality and you can adjust the volume/mute directly from the transmitter.

The receiver and transmitter are lightweight, yet sturdy, allowing for easy transportation. Mounting each unit is simple because of its sturdy build and integrated belt-back clips. Whilst the removable cold mount on the receiver enables you to securely mount the unit to your camera’s shoe mount. You can then connect the unit to your camera using the supplied 3.5mm mini jack to jack cable. The 3.5mm jack ports located on the transmitter and receiver have locking threads which ensure a perfect connection at all times.

Been looking around for the last few weeks at the various wireless options which are priced significantly below the Boya wm6, there are a surprisingly large number of them!!

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